• College is More Than Just Classes

    A campus is its own world, and students have the chance to experience a wide range of activities and meet new people. It's a fact that students who get involved in campus life are not only happier, they're more successful as well. Have fun and add your special and unique personality to our campus culture! 

    As a student at York Technical College, you will have the opportunity to participate in leadership roles, join student clubs and organizations, as well as enjoy a variety of campus events throughout the year. We encourage you to explore this section of the website to discover all the ways you can connect with York Tech!

    • SurgicalTech 

      Surgical Technology Club

      The purpose of the SCRUB Club is to promote an atmosphere conductive to optimum learning, and to foster the professional development of surgical technology students.

    • PhitthetaKappa 

      Phi Theta Kappa

      This is an international honor society for junior colleges. Its purpose is to recognize academic excellence, and to encourage leadership and service among students.

    • StudentAmbassadors 

      Student Ambassadors

      Student Ambassadors are bright, personable, and active community members who are available to help students learn the “ins and outs” of the College, campus life, and much more.

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