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York Technical College Law Enforcement and Safety will investigate and document all on-campus crime incidents such as theft, vandalism, etc. Student related incidents will also be referred to the Dean for Students Engagements Office or the Executive Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs. York Technical College Law Enforcement and Safety has two components, Campus Police and Campus Safety. Campus Police are South Carolina Law Enforcement Officers will statewide arrest powers, Campus Safety are safety team members that assist the campus community by unlocking and locking buildings, monitor parking, respond to minor first aid calls for service, and monitor building alarms. All Law Enforcement and Safety team members are First Aid, CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation), and AED (Automated External Defibrillator) certified. The Chief of Law Enforcement and Safety urges the campus community to provide feedback that might help enhance safety and security services to the YTC campus community. Please email comments and ideas to:

Law Enforcement and Safety Services 

  • Investigate on-campus crimes, campus incidents, and campus accidents.
  • Enforce College policies and parking regulations.
  • Address and mitigate safety concerns.
  • Assist campus community members with vehicles issues.
  • Escorts
  • Make emergency contact and notifications.
  • Respond to first aid calls for service.
  • Direct on campus traffic as needed.
  • Monitor parking areas.
  • Provide on campus services to the campus community as needed.


Campus Parking and Traffic Control

Parking permit decals are issued by Campus Safety, which is located in Building A, rooms A-200 and/or A-262. All employees and students are required to display a vehicle parking permit for all vehicles brought on campus. Instructions to register are listed below. Open parking in authorized areas is available to all employees or students. Unauthorized area are fire zones, handicapped parking spaces, visitor parking, loading zones, no parking zones, areas designated for moving traffic, or when directed to do so by a Law Enforcement and Safety team member. Temporary “Parking by Permit” placards for disabled employees or students are available through the Human Resources Office (employees), or from the Dean of Student Engagements office (students).

Student Parking Decal Application Process

All student vehicles parked on campus must have a valid parking permit decal affixed to the window of the vehicle. To register your vehicle, please go to Navigate and perform the following steps:

  • Login to Navigate
  • Click on Resources - Places
  • Under the Forms section, Click on Parking
  • Please fill out all required data fields and submit the request. (Vehicle make, model, color, year, tag number, and state registered are required.)

Go to the Campus Safety office in Building A, Room A-200 or A-262 (second floor) to receive your parking permit decal. If you have any questions, please email Campus Safety at

Traffic and Parking Regulations

  • All motor vehicle operators on campus should familiarize themselves with the parking and traffic regulations below.

  • The operation of motor vehicles on York Tech College property is a privilege granted by the college administration.

  • Failure to comply with the laws of South Carolina or College regulations will result in a warning or penalty that may include the loss of motor vehicle privileges.
  • Obtaining a permit does not guarantee a parking place, but merely allows for general parking in an appropriate area.
  • The College shall assume no responsibility for the care or protection of any vehicle or its contents at any time while operated or parked on College property.
  • Regulations apply to drivers of all vehicles and are in force 24 hours a day unless other- wise noted.

  • Drivers of all vehicles shall obey the lawful instruction of any Law Enforcement and Safety Team member, and any official traffic sign on campus. 

  • Parking areas are enforced at all times.

  • Owners of disabled (broken down) vehicles should contact Campus Safety at (803) 327-8013.

  • Disabled vehicles not registered are subject to tow at the owner's expense. Any vehicle left abandoned for more than fifteen days is subject to being towed at the owner’s expense.

*On-Campus Driving Speed = 15 Mph

W1 lot, located between the Administration Building and A Building is used only for handicapped parking, parking by permit, visitor parking, or 30 minute parking from 8:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.


Turn Down the Radio!

While on campus, automobile stereos and boom boxes are to be turned down to a moderate level so as not to be heard outside the automobile and/or disturb surrounding offices and classes. 


Parking Decals

Vehicles decals provide a way for Campus Safety to identify and locate the owner or operator of vehicles in reference to:

  • Car fires (owner/operator vehicle or other vehicles nearby).
  • Break-ins.
  • Damage/Accidental (from lawn mowing, etc.).
  • Vandalism.
  • Accidents (parked and unoccupied vehicles may get hit or damaged).
  • Illegal cars on campus (Trespassers, Illegal Activity, etc.).
  • Alarm activations.

Vehicle Decals must be displayed on the left (driver’s side) of the rear window. Motorcycles shall display permits on the front forks of the bikes.

Vehicles are subject to be issued a citation if the vehicle does not display an up to date York Tech College parking decal.


Application of the Decal to Vehicles

  • All expired decals should be removed.

  • Vehicle registration information should be kept up-to-date (re: change in tag numbers, etc.)

  • Campus Safety can locate all students’ schedules in the system even if the York Technical College decal is not affixed to the vehicle by checking the current tag information.