• PROMISE Program

    A Student Support Services Project

    Furthering your education can seem overwhelming, but the PROMISE Program at York Technical College eases the transition from high school to college by providing the support students often need.

    The program offers a wide variety of free services and programs to help students achieve their academic, career and personal goals, while confronting the challenges of completing a college degree.

  • The PROMISE Program
    Student Center Building (K), Success Center Suite
    452 S Anderson
    Road Rock Hill, SC 29730
    Phone: (803) 981-7198
    Fax: (803) 981-7730
  • About PROMISE

    PROMISE is the acronym for York Technical College’s Student Support Services (SSS) Project and stands for Providing Resources Opportunities and Motivation to Improve Student Endeavors.

    SSS is one of seven federally funded programs known collectively as TRIO Programs. All TRIO Programs are authorized and funded through Title IV of the Higher Education Act of 1965 and administered by the US Department of Education.
    SSS has been in operation at York Tech since 1978. The program was renamed PROMISE to coincide with the programs goals and objectives.
  • Vision Statement

    The vision of the PROMISE Program is to provide its participants with the tools necessary for their success.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of the PROMISE Program is to continuously strive to prepare, retain, and graduate its participants through academic, cultural, and personal support services, which provide a positive and motivational experience to ensure the success of our students.

    PROMISE Goals

    • To promote academic achievement.
    • To identify immediate and long-term career, academic and personal goals.
    • To encourage career exploration.
    • To encourage greater self-awareness through personality and career assessment.
    • To promote positive self-image in students.
    • To provide activities and sessions which promote academic, personal and social development.
    • To increase the number of York Technical College students who remain in college.
    • To increase the number of York Technical College students who graduate each year.
    • To increase the number of York Technical students who transfer to baccalaureate institutions to pursue degrees.