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York Technical College's registered apprenticeship programs offer participants a unique, flexible instructional program combining job related education with on-the-job training to create aimmersiveve learning experience. The goal of these programs is to provide contextual education for participants and new talent with advanced skills to meet the specific needs of employers.


Chester County Sheriff's Office smiling with first apprentice

Apprenticeship Benefits for Employers

Recruitment and retention support.

Fill in your company's skill gap.

Train your own talent.

Increase employee loyalty and reduce turnover.

Diversify your workforce.

Students signing on to their apprenticeships

Apprenticeship Benefits for Students

Earn wages and tenure while in training.

Training & tuition support.

College, Industry, and Department of Labor Credentials.

Contextual learning to put theory into practice.

Gain industry knowledge and soft skills.

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Available Apprenticeship Opportunities

Account and Business Apprenticeship Description     Auto and Diesel Apprenticeship Description     CDL Apprenticeship Description     Criminal Justice Apprenticeship Description     First Responder Apprenticeship Discussion     Industrial & Engineering Technologies Apprenticeship Description     Nursing Apprenticeship Description