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Workforce and Economic Development

Advance Your Career with Training From York Tech

At York Tech, we believe it's never too late to invest in your future, whether that means earning the credentials to be promoted in your current career or setting out on a new path to find your passion. York Tech offers a wide variety of programs for you to choose from that can transform you into the professional you were meant to be. 

We offer classes in areas including business and professional development, health and safety, industrial trades, transportation, and logistics. In your program, you'll learn from expert-level instructors who want to see you succeed. They'll empower you with the knowledge and confidence you need to boost or begin your new career while teaching you how to harness the skills you already have to land a new role in your industry.

In addition to learning in impressive facilities and high-tech labs, you'll be connected with Work-based Learning opportunities, or internships and apprenticeships that truly open doors for your future. By the time your program is over, you'll have what it takes to be a valuable addition to any entry-level professional team in your field and build an impressive resume that turns heads.

We know you're excited—we are, too. That's why our short-term programs are designed to help you launch your career in as little as six weeks. 

Don't wait any longer.

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Short-Term Programs in Workforce and Development

Ready to find your fit? Short-term programs at York Tech can be completed in as little as six weeks and can take up to a year. In addition to being faster to earn than the traditional associate degree, these programs offer in-person and online classes both day and night and even on weekends. You won't have to put your current responsibilities on hold to further your education. 

We've got plenty of short-term programs for you to choose from, leading to credentials such as certificates, trade certifications, and accelerated associate degrees.

Discover a program that aligns with your interests and goals below!

View Spring 2024 WED Catalog


Get Financial Assistance

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In addition to offering low rates for tuition and fees, York Tech also offers scholarship opportunities that can make furthering your education even more convenient.

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