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Graduation Information

Your advisor has been assigned to assist you in determining the course sequence in fulfilling your program requirements. Please see your academic advisor to assist you in determining your eligibility for graduation.

2024 Commencement Information

Date: May 14, 2024    
Time: 7:00 p.m.
Location: Winthrop Coliseum

  • Business, Computers, Arts & Sciences Division
  • Health & Human Services Division
  • Industrial & Engineering Technologies Division
  • Workforce & Economic Development Division

    Livestream link for the Commencement Ceremony will be added closer to ceremony date.


Graduation Application Deadlines

Fall 2023: November 15, 2023
Spring 2024: March 15, 2024
Summer 2024: March 15, 2024


  • Must be admitted to the curriculum and program model under which you plan to graduate. Please note: A minimum of one course required for graduation must be completed after the effective term of the program for that catalog year.

  • Must satisfactorily complete the required number of hours and courses for the curriculum enrolled.
Commencement Ceremony
President hugging a student on the graduation stage
  • Have achieved a 2.0 program grade-point ratio on all courses that apply toward graduation in the program.

  • Paid all fees and other financial obligations due the College.


Requirements Continued:

Guidelines for Guests: 

  • Please arrive at Winthrop Coliseum at least 30 minutes early.

  • Graduation is a formal, dignified ceremony. Please be courteous to other guests and observe silence during the ceremony so families can hear all of the graduation candidates' names as they are called.

  • Due to the formal nature of the ceremony, families are advised not to bring children under the age of six in order to minimize disruption of the ceremony.

  • Winthrop Coliseum and York Technical College do not allow eating, drinking, smoking, or cell phone use during the graduation ceremony.


COVID-19 Graduation Guidelines

York Technical College believes that the health and well-being of Students, employees and guests are of utmost importance to our mission. The College’s Crisis Management Team continues to monitor our internal data as well as that of the CDC and S.C. Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCDHEC) data to make informed decisions regarding the need for adding or easing COVID-19 safety measures. As we will be guests on the Winthrop Campus, The College will abide by any required COVID-19 safety protocols that govern the use of the Coliseum at Winthrop University. 

We anticipate that the guidelines listed below will be applicable for our graduation ceremonies in May 2024 but our College's Crisis Management Team will continue to monitor the situation.