• Faculty Information

    The Assessment Center is located in A Building, Room 203. Hours: Monday-Thursday 8 a.m. – 9 p.m., Friday 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., and Saturday 8 a.m. - 1 p.m. Off Campus Sites are located in Chester and Indian Land. Limited hours for those sites are posted on the Assessment Center’s Website. Holiday and updated hours may be found at under Faculty and Staff, Future and Current Student tabs. The Assessment Center administers tests for Online and Hybrid courses, as well as make-up tests. Classroom testing is not available.

    • Please make sure all students know your name and the course number of the class they are taking. They must bring a picture ID every time they come to test.

    • Instructors must complete the Test Cover Sheet for each test sent to the Assessment Center to provide directions on how to administer the test. Instructor name and student name must be on each test sent. Cover Sheets are available to be printed from our website. They are also available in our office or in A-104.

    • The test will be administered according to the directions provided on the Test Cover Sheet, e.g. time allowed, supplementary materials allowed, etc. 

    • We do not administer 2 part tests. If you require 2 parts, please set up as two tests.

    • Testing should be completed in one session. 

    • If students are saving information on our computers, please advise them on how to delete before they leave. No test or documents should be saved after the student leaves.

    • If you require your student to print out documents while in the AC, please include in your directions that the students must type your name and their name on each page printed.

    • Paper tests will be returned according to the directions provided on the Test Cover Sheet

    • Instructors requesting changes in deadlines or test information must do so in writing to the

    • Please avoid scheduling deadlines on Fridays and Saturdays if possible. These are short days, and most students tend to wait until the last day and hour available.

    • Closing times are strictly enforced. Advise your students of our hours and make sure they are aware testing must be complete by closing! It is advisable to end tests 1 hour before closing. Please note: the Assessment Center will not begin any new test sessions 30 minutes prior to closing time.

    • The contact info for the Rock Hill site and 981-7176.

    • Chester site is and 803-385-5884.

    • Indian Land site is and 803-396-3820.

    Please report a problem: If you have any suggestions, concerns, or problems, the Center wants to know. For more information contact the Assessment Center at 803-981-7176. Sally Westmoreland, Program Assistant: 981-7709, or Kerri McGuire, Assistant Dean of Student Engagement: 981-7051.