• Training Partnerships

    There are various funding sources that can be utilized to ensure that South Carolina companies remain competitive such as WorkKeys Profiling Service, Veteran's Administration, ReadySC, Department of Commerce Job Development Credit, Job Tax Credit, Enterprise Zone Retraining Tax Credit, SC Registered Apprenticeship Job Tax Credit, and Vocational Rehabilitation.
  • Readysc

    The Mission of readysc is to promote the economic and workforce development of the state of SC. 
    They provide customized training for new and expanding business and industry in the state of SC. 
    This training is provided at little or no cost to qualifying companies. Visit to obtain detailed information about this program, or contact Area Director, Lucinda Sutton (803) 981-7101.

  • Apprenticeship Carolina

    Apprenticeship is a viable workforce development tool in a wide variety of occupations. 
    Today, apprenticeship programs can be found in such industries as advanced manufacturing, information technology, energy, tourism, transportation and logistics, as well as healthcare, just to name a few.

    Take advantage of this program and receive the available state tax credit, achieve a higher skill level among your employees, notice improved productivity, develop a structured and consistent training plan, and create a reliable plan for the future. To learn how Apprenticeship Carolina can help your company remain competitive, visit or contact Sonia Young at  (803) 981-7372.  

  • Enterprise Zone Retraining Credit Program

    Manufacturing companies located in South Carolina may have the opportunity to utilize the Job Retraining Tax Credit (E-Zone) program in order to be reimbursed for certain training and education provided to employees. Subsequent to approval by the State Board for Technical and Comprehensive Education, companies may claim a credit of $1,000 per employee credit against withholding taxes. Learn how your company can take advantage of this program by contacting Sonia Young at  (803) 981-7372, or Von Robertson at  (803) 327-8019 .