• Early Childhood Development

    The Early Care and Education Associate Degree provides higher educational training and expertise for child care providers in the field of early childhood development. This degree prepares graduates for employment at the associate degree level in early childhood settings that serve children from birth through age 8 and their families. This degree meets the mandate for Headstart staff and provides a career ladder for individuals that desire to improve their skills.

  • Early Childhood Development
    Sharon Grooms, M.Ed.
    Department Manager
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    The Early Childhood Development Certificate is designed to prepare students for entry-level jobs in the area of early childhood development. The certificate courses provide basic knowledge of child growth and development.

    The Child Care Management Certificate will prepare or enhance an individual for an administrative position in a child care setting. The program includes studies in areas of administration, management, child development, curriculum, health, safety, nutrition, and family/community relations.

    The Infant and Toddler Development Certificate is designed to help upgrade and enhance the skills of infant and toddler child care professionals, and is also open to those with no experience. Professionals working with children from birth through 3 years old are provided with training related to experiences in growth and development, curriculum issues, and student teaching. This certificate and the individual courses may be useful to those professionals working or seeking employment with the Early Headstart Program.

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  • Program Effectiveness Data

    Academic Year                        Number of program completers % of program completers who were attending full-time(at the time of completion) % of program completers who were attending part-time(at the time of completion)
    2013-2014 19 15.8% 84.2%
    2014-2015 14 28.6% 71.4%
    2015-2016 23 13% 87%
    Academic year in which a Fall cohort of full-time students enrolled at the institution (select three sequential years) Percentage of those students who completed the program within 150% of the published timeframe Percentage of those students who completed the program within 100%, 200% (twice) or 300% (three times) of the published timeframe (Please circle or underline the indicator above on which the program will report.)
    2010 16.6% 16.6%
    2011 8.3% 16.6%
    2012 12.5% 25%
    Academic Year                                     Number of Graduates          Number of Graduates (and % of total) who are employed in the early childhood profession within one year of graduation* Number of Graduates (and % of total) who are pursuing further education in the early childhood profession within one year of graduation*    
    2013-2014 19 15 and 78.9% 2 and 10.5%
    2014-2015 14 10 and 71.4% 2 and 14.3%
    2015-2016 23 17 and 73.9% 4 and 17.4%