• Distance Learning

    Distance Learning is a way of taking courses where you and your instructor may not be in the same location. Distance learning students should be self motivated and independent learners. This is most commonly accomplished through online classes delivered through a learning management system, but may also include teleclasses, where a teacher is teaching students in another location directly over a video connection.

  • Types of Distance Learning Courses

    Are you ready for online classes? The following checklist outlines some of York Technical College’s recommendations for online students:

    • Classes taken online should be a high priority for students. Self-motivation is important for online students since you will not meet regularly with your instructor and other students.

    • Online students should be comfortable working without as much direct interaction with other students and instructors.

    • Students in online classes need very good time management skills. This helps them complete assignments ahead of deadlines. Online classes often require more time than traditional classes, but the schedule provides greater flexibility.

    • Online students should have strong reading comprehensions skills and also be willing and ready to ask for help immediately when they don’t understand something.

    • Being comfortable with technology and with learning new software often makes successfully completing an online class easier for students.

    • The ability to occasionally travel to a York Tech campus or another testing center is sometimes important for online students as tests and other assignments may have to be taken with supervision.

    • Students in online courses should have a dependable computer or other internet ready device and a fast, dependable connection to the internet.

  • Denise Smith
    Program Coordinator
    Institute for Teaching Excellence
    ST Building, Room 258
    Phone: (803) 327-8030

  • SC_TechCon

    Online courses offered by SCTechConnect provide a high-quality, low-cost, convenient option for completing your first year of college. The technical colleges of South Carolina have come together to offer online courses that will transfer effortlessly to South Carolina’s public colleges and universities.

    For more information about SCTechConnect courses at York Technical College, contact Will Folden at 803-981-7019 or by email at

  • WEB-100

    The WEB-100 tutorial will help you learn how to navigate through D2L. We suggest you review this tutorial to help you experience what an online class will look like, and how to complete tasks required of online students. You may find that you are a good candidate for online classes.

    Current students may register for WEB-100 by logging into D2L, clicking on "Self Registration," select "An Intro to Online Learning Apps," and follow the prompts.  You will have one week from the day you sign up to complete the tutorial. The course is free. Depending on your computer experience, the course may take anywhere from 45 min. to 3 hours.

    Completion scores for WEB-100 are uploaded Monday - Friday at 8:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m., and 4:15 p.m.

    For more information regarding how to register for WEB-100 and to view a tutorial, please click on tutorial.

    Trouble with D2L Access?

    If you have not been able to gain access to D2L within 24 hours after being accepted into a program at the college, please contact us at or call 803-981-7245.

    Maintenance Schedule For D2L

    D2L will be unavailable on the second Sunday of every month (1 a.m. - 7 a.m. EST) for regular maintenance. Please plan accordingly.
  • Online Course Offerings

    York Technical College To locate current online offerings:

    1. Go to WebAdvisor from the home page of York Technical College
    2. Click on Student
    3. Under Registration – Undergraduate, click on Search Classes
    4. Select the term of choice from the term dropdown menu
    5. Under the Location dropdown menu (bottom of the page), select Internet
    6. Click Submit

    You will now have the online offerings for York Technical College for the term you chose.

    Southern Regional Education Board (SREB)

    SREB offers a wealth of online classes through many colleges and universities. To access their site, please click on SREB