• Child Development Center

    The York Tech Child Development Center adopts the philosophy that all areas of development - social emotional, intellectual, and physical - are equally important and should receive equal emphasis. The curriculum should reflect this.

  • John E. Hayes
    Director of CDC
    Early Childhood Development
    452 Anderson Road
    Rock Hill, SC, 29730
    Phone: (803) 981-7172
  • It is believed that children learn by manipulating and interacting with their environment, and that they learn best when their educational experiences are facilitated by skilled and loving adults. We know that children learn best through play, and our role is to set up a variety of play experiences in which we can encourage your child to become involved. Because play is a process, it is likely that you will not see a final, finished product to reflect what your child has learned. This is normal. Please feel free to talk to the teachers for information regarding the learning experiences your child is having, or come by to observe for yourself at any time.

    Mission & Purpose

    The purpose of the Child Development Center is twofold:

    1. To provide training for York Technical College students in the area of Child Development in an environment which provides quality learning experiences for children, and to conduct educational research to support and enhance those programs;

    2. To provide quality child care services to the students, faculty, and staff of York Technical College and the community.

    The needs of the children are our first priority. All decisions regarding the procedures and policies of the center are made with the best interests of the children in mind. Also, the needs of the students who are enrolled in York Tech's training programs are considered.


    The highest accreditation that can be granted to a child care center is granted by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. This national accreditation is only given to centers that achieve and maintain a higher level of quality and training than is required by the state licensing agencies. The Child Development Center was awarded reaccreditation in August 2, 2018.


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