• Services

    The Promise Program provide the following services FREE of charge to students who are enrolled or have been accepted for enrollment at York Technical College:


    Individual and/or small group sessions are available for most general studies courses offered by the College.

    Counseling and Advising

    Academic advising, career and personal & motivational counseling tailored to individuals’ needs; planned workshops and informal peer group sessions to help students cope with many of the challenges encountered in college.

    College Transfer Assistance

    Assistance in obtaining admission applications and other transfer materials; help in identifying and applying for financial aid; tours to campuses of four-year institutions.

    Support Services

    Staff provides assistance/guidance in consulting with faculty and staff to resolve academic concerns and gives students referrals to various community service agencies in the area.

  • Workshops

    The PROMISE Program offers workshops to participants to assist in their academic and professional success throughout the academic year. Check upcoming events for specific days and times.

    Academic Success Series

    College Speak: How to Navigate the Campus Community – This workshop provides its participants with useful academic/campus vocabulary, skills in professional communication from the Facebook to the President of the college, and the proper occasion for such communication.

    Study Skills – students will be introduced to study strategies that can improve their study habits.

    Note Taking – students will learn successful approaches to taking notes in the classroom setting.

    Test Taking – students will be exposed to different ways of effectively mastering different types of test questions such as matching, multiple choice, completion, and essay questions.

    Test Anxiety – students will be given an overview of the physiological mechanisms of test anxiety (what test anxiety does to our body and our brain) and given strategies on developing coping skills to reduce the anxiety including healthy nutrition, cognitions (self-talk) and relaxation techniques.

    Personal Development Series

    Gender communication – This workshop provides an opportunity for students to learn how to navigate interpersonal relationships given the unique ways that men and women communicate.

    Stress Management – students will become exposed to coping strategies for balancing academic, work, and family responsibilities

    Conflict Resolution – This workshop will examine interpersonal conflict in regard to different personality preferences and learning styles and will assist students in recognizing these issues and give meaningful ways to manage conflict.

    Diversity – This workshop is designed to help students develop skills necessary to handle an ever-changing world. This is a major concern because commitment to diversity requires and demands a personal buy-in. Diversity work is not for others to do, but for all of us to do, at all times.

    Financial Literacy - This workshop is designed to assist students in effectively managing their finances and credit rating. This is a major concern because creditworthiness plays an important factor in the ability to secure financial aid resources, which may limit available options for students trying to achieve their goals of completing a postsecondary degree.