At York Technical College, we make it easy for you to get an education and upgrade your future.  We’ll be there for you from the day you start your application to the day you get your dream job. Attend a FAFSA Frenzy session where we’ll help you fill out your FAFSA Application.  Dates are scheduled through the rest of March. 

The FAFSA Frenzy Workshop dates come on the heels of the College announcing the extention of No Cost Tuition through the 2023 - 2024 academic year. We are excited to not only provide free college, but also free assistance completing FAFSA. This combination will help both new and returning students feel comfortable about choosing York Technical College for their education. 

Dates, times and locations for March are listed below:

March 17th - J-400 9-12pm
March 22nd - J-400 10-1pm
March 24th - J-400 1-4pm
March 28th - J-400 1-4pm
March 30th - J-400 9-12pm