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York Technical College President Presented with Resolution Honoring his Achievements

Senator Mike Fanning sponsored the resolution that gives tribute to Greg F. Rutherford

Rutherford ResolutionSouth Carolina Senator Mike Fanning (D-17) presented York Technical College President Dr. Greg F. Rutherford with a resolution honoring his leadership and distinguished career of outstanding service in education during a ceremony on Thursday at the College.

Fanning, whose wife is an alumna of the College’s paralegal program, credits Rutherford for leading the institution through the Great Recession, and being a change agent in the lives of thousands of students. Fanning sponsored the resolution that was adopted by the South Carolina General Assembly in April 2021.

“As an educator, my heart goes out to anyone willing to give so much in the worst of circumstances to give the best to young people,” Fanning said. “Someone like that needed to be recognized.”

Rutherford said throughout his tenure he sought to do something special, different and eternal. He credits his colleagues for helping him make tremendous strides in student success, and expressed gratitude for the College and the community for welcoming him and being supportive during his tenure.

“Honestly looking back at everything, I cannot imagine that I would have ever had a greater opportunity, more lessons, or a greater fit for my style of personality than here,” expressed Rutherford. “I say to my Commission and to all my fellow workers, thank you.”

Rutherford, who has served at the helm of York Tech since 2007, has been a constant champion for students, reflective in the College’s high completion rates across all programs. He has created several new academic programs, and has a record fall-to-fall student success rate.

Additionally, Rutherford led the largest fundraising effort in the history of the College through the York Technical College Foundation’s Real. Bold. Better. Campaign that exceeded its $6.5 million goal. 

Rutherford announced his retirement earlier this year and plans to retire at the end of July. 

“On behalf of the York Commission for Technical Education, we are grateful for the talent, leadership and resolve of Dr. Greg Rutherford,” said York Commission Chair Geri H. Rucker. “He has worked tirelessly to promote the primary mission of student success at York Technical College. The College and our community are certainly better because of him. The Commission wishes him the absolute best on his future endeavors.”