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Utility Line Worker Student Showcase Held at Chester Center

York Tech students display skills during Thursday’s event

Line Worker Showcase PhotoTen students from York Technical College’s Utility Line Worker program were featured in a mini-showcase that culminated their education. Students demonstrated their talents to future employers, their families, and community stakeholders through multiple exercises at the College’s state-of-the-art Chester Center on April 22.

“Attending the 2021 York Technical College Chester Center Line Worker Showcase left me impressed and proud,” said President Greg F. Rutherford. “The graduates did a wonderful job completing incredibly difficult tasks.”

Led by instructors, students participated in a variety of exercises that they would perform on the job as utility line workers. They demonstrated their skills at pole top rescue, hot stick fuse change-out and speed climb.

“We are excited about the direction of the utility line worker program, the quality of instruction and the dedication of the faculty and students,” said Martin Johnson, Associate Dean for Workforce and Economic Development and Industrial Trades at the College. “The showcase is an extremely exciting opportunity for the students to showoff what they’ve learned and for the College to show our program as well.”

In 2019, the College relocated its line worker program to the Chester Center with the support of Duke Energy and the York Technical College Foundation, Inc.

“Line workers are needed now and in the future. The College is doing a great job with this quality program,” said Rick Jiran, Vice President of Community Relations at Duke Energy in South Carolina. “Duke Energy has been a long-time supporter of York Technical College and their line worker program. It was truly exciting watching the students putting their training to the test at the showcase.”

Once students complete the program, they leave with critical skills in climbing, utility equipment operation, overhead and underground installation, and safe working practices in the utility industry. Graduates are prepared to enter high-demand occupations with competitive salary potential. The showcase is the capstone for students in the program.

“We have learned a variety of information and techniques both through lecture-style classes as well as in-field training,” said student Adam T. Horner. “I chose to become a line worker because I enjoy working outside and working with my hands. I also enjoy the gratification of seeing your hard work put to use."

York Tech offers three credentials in its Utility Line Worker credit program, including a basic utility line worker certificate, advanced utility line worker certificate and an Associate of Applied Science in Management with a specialization in utility line worker.

Upon completion of the one of the line worker credentials, students can work in various positions that include telecommunications, water, sewer, information technology infrastructure and electrical utilities.

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