Columbia College & York Technical College

Two-years ago, York Technical College and Columbia College partnered together to offer students the opportunity to earn a bachelor's degree from Columbia College by attending structured classes at York Tech.

This August, the first graduating class of our Associate’s to Bachelor’s Program will be walking across the stage at Columbia College with a bachelor’s degree in Leadership and Professional Communication.

“I have taken so much from this experience” stated Shenique Strong, a student from the first Associate’s to Bachelor’s Program’s graduating class. “It has been a difficult journey balancing work, family and classes, but it has paid off already. I believe I am a better communicator now, after completing this program, and it has taught me to be an effective leader. This was a rewarding experience I will never forget.”

The B.A. in Leadership and Professional Communication program gives students the opportunity to compare the theories of organizational communication in the context of leadership and professional development.  The goal of this particular program is to best prepare students for leadership positions and career advancement in the field of communications. 

Victoria Stevenson, a Chester county native, found the program to be beneficial in a multitude of ways. “This was an amazing experience and has enhanced my leadership skills greatly. Not only did I gain knowledge and skills, but I formed valuable relationships with my classmates and professors.”

The Associate’s to Bachelor’s Program is a great opportunity for York Tech students who have earned specific associate degrees and are now interested in continuing their education while remaining in the area. Currently, there are five degree programs available: 

  • B.A. in Health Communications
  • B.A. in Leadership and Professional Communication
  • B.A. in Community and Organizational Leadership
  • B.A. in Applied Business
  • B.A. in Computer and Information Systems

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