CLEP testing is also available to civilians who are interested in taking CLEP exams, but these candidates are responsible for paying the exam fee. York Technical College grants credits for successful scores on CLEP exams. The listing of exams for which credit is granted, and the required passing scores, are listed in the College catalog. Candidates can check the CLEP web site for information on CLEP registration. Candidates can take CLEP exams at York Technical College. Please call the Assessment Center at (803) 981-7176 to schedule your testing appointment.

About CLEP

The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) is a credit-by-examination program, sponsored by the College Board, which gives individuals the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of knowledge in introductory college-level courses. By earning successful scores on CLEP exams, students can bypass introductory courses and receive college credit for their knowledge. CLEP exams are administered on computer at over 1,300 college test centers. More than 2,900 colleges and universities grant credit for passing scores on CLEP.

Students take CLEP for a variety of reasons. Some use CLEP to shorten the time it takes to earn a degree, thereby saving money on tuition and fees. Others take CLEP to move on to more advanced courses sooner, complete basic requirements in order to take more electives, get promoted, satisfy college requirements for commissioning programs, or open new career possibilities for themselves. More than 220,000 exams were administered last year, and increasingly people are taking advantage of CLEP to shorten their path to a college degree.


$30 Registration fee required

Military service members will be able to take CLEP exams, without paying the exam fee, normally $70, at any of the college campuses that provide CLEP testing for the military. Service members will still need to pay a registration fee of $30 to the college that provides the service. To find college testing centers that offer testing to the military, candidates can check the CLEP Web site ( and look for the U.S. flag icon next to the college's name.

York Technical College grants credits for successful scores on CLEP exams. The listing of exams for which credit is granted and the required passing scores are listed in the College catalog.


DSST Dantes Testing

For information on DSST DANTES  click here. An appointment with the Assessment Center and $30 fee are required.