Patient Care Technician

The Patient Care Technician Program is one of the most versatile in the medical field today. On successful completion, you are eligible to take the Certification exam to become the National Certified Patient Care Technician. PCTs work in hospitals, nursing homes, home health settings, rehabilitation centers, and more. They usually work under the direct supervision of a registered or licensed nurse or physician. Opportunities are plentiful and on the rise!

Program Options

Gen Tech - Patient Care Technician

General Technology with a primary in Patient Care Technician.

Complete ENG-101 or ENG-155
Complete MAT-101 OR MAT-155
Complete PSY-201 OR PSY-105
Complete BIO-112 OR BIO-210
Complete HSS-205
Complete AHS-102
Complete AHS-117
Complete AHS-120
Complete AHS-141
Complete AHS-145
Complete AHS-176
Complete AHS-116
Complete AOT-105
Complete AOT-110
Complete AOT-134
Complete AOT-252
Complete COL-101
Complete HIM-130
Take AOT 267
Complete AOT-133
TAKE 1 COURSE FROM THIS GROUP (MINIMUM GRADE C) AHS-108 CPT-101 CPT-114 ECO-101 AHS-144 AHS-121 ECO-210 ECO-211 ENG-102 ENG-160 HIS-101(4954) HIS-101(4955) HIS-102(4958) AHS-135 HIS-102(4959) HIS-201 HIS-202 MAT-102 AOT-165 PSY-203 SOC-101 SOC-102 SPC-205 or AOT-135
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Patient Care Technician

Patient care technicians are multi-skilled healthcare providers, with training in basic patient care, blood collection, and electrocardiography. Under the supervision of nursing and medical staff, patient care technicians are employable in a variety of settings such as hospitals, clinics, long-term care facilities, laboratories, and physicians' offices. The program consists of two semesters. Nursing assistant training (AHS 117) will introduce basic patient care skills, and prepare the student for state certification through the Department of Health and Human Services, earning the title of Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). Certification is required to progress through the Patient Care Technician program.

TAKE AHS-102; Minimum Grade C
TAKE AHS-117; Minimum Grade of C
TAKE AHS-120; Minimum Grade C
TAKE AHS-141; Minimum Grade C
TAKE AHS-145; Minimum Grade C
TAKE AHS-176; Minimum Grade C
TAKE AOT-105; Minimum Grade C
TAKE BIO-112; Minimum Grade C
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