Dropbox Attachments:


         Use this procedure to submit an assignment in the Dropbox:

         Click on Dropbox in the blue navigation bar

         Click on the folder (link) for the assignment

         Click on Add a File which is above the rectangle in the middle of the page.


         You will then have a wizard that opens that looks like this:


         Browse to find your file and either double click the file or single click and click Open.† If you have multiple files, you can click ADD for more Browse blanks.†

         After all the files have been selected, click Upload.† This will bring you back to your original assignment page.

         If you have a message for your instructor, you are able to type it in the large Comments rectangle in the middle of the page.

         Click Submit.† Donít forget this step!† At this point, the files are in the Dropbox for the instructor to see.†† If you did it correctly, you will have an e-mail from onlinesupport that gives the name of the Dropbox folder and the name of the file submitted, along with the date and type.† Make sure to check and see if you have the e-mail.